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You can get started making money online by reaching out to me today. This program provides everything you could need to create the perfect supplemental or full-time income in no time. This opportunity provides you with the chance to be your own boss and set your own hours while still making big ticket commissions. You’ll be financially independent and making a living online with great rewards.

Exitus Elite is an online educational program that has been “built from the ground up” with your total success in mind.
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Our mission at Global Wealth Generation is to help people create financial independence by providing them with the best business educational products and proven online business systems on the market to assist them in achieving their financial goals.

Ready to become an independent business entrepreneur making your own money online? This dream can become a reality easily when you sign up with me, Brian Lanza. You can create wealth online and break free from the desk job life. This is a low-cost opportunity and you won’t have to put a great deal down to start your own business. This opportunity is a fantastic way to make money online and you won’t have to have tons of experience either.


Time Flexibility

You set your own schedule, you choose the amount of time to invest in your online business, it’s completely yours to decide. Wouldn’t you love to fit working your business around your everyday life?

This frees you up to run the kids to school or soccer, help out with the errands or simply allows you to live a more fulfilling life. By being a member of Exitus Elite you will learn many of the skills needed to become proficient at many aspects of working online. So you too can have the necessary “Time Flexibility” needed in today’s society.

There’s just no time…
NO, the time is just now!

When people create additional income, they start to see the impact to that one commodity nobody ever seems to have enough of, especially when working 40-hours or more a week or when owning a traditional business.

That commodity is TIME. Do you know anyone that doesn’t want more time to enjoy the things that matter most to them in life?




Living the American Dream Starts Today!

The American Dream is all about living your life to the fullest. Living healthy and wealthy, making your dreams a reality. You have the power, we give you the products and opportunity that make it work. You deserve the best that life has to offer. Health, wealth, and the time freedom to enjoy life every day is now at the tip of your fingers.

Our Products

American Dream’s Custom Compensation Plan

Offering the HIGHEST Payouts with the LOWEST Qualifiers… Nothing Else Compares!

American Dream Nutrition, has leveled the playing field for anyone interested in better health and making a Serious Income in the booming Health and Wellness Home Based Business industry.



The dedication and determination we bring to every masterpiece we create intensifies the passion of every GWT representative. One of the most important traits that defines characteristic at the heart of our opportunity is the GWT compensation plan. We created the world’s first Free-Flowing & Variable to Infinity Compensation Plan ® that eliminates any restrictions and speed bumps for the members to access their earned commissions and bonuses. Our distinctly distributor-friendly compensation plan makes the GWT business the opportunity for the people; where the average part-time entrepreneur truly has the chance to create wealth for himself and share it with others. We are proud that our revolutionary free-flowing compensation plan eliminates the status quo in direct sales where only an elite of distributors can achieve financial greatness.


My Story

My Story

Traveling is good for your health. Traveling helps keep your health I will give you an example

I had a Father who had Huntington’s disease. He was told he would not stand up within the month and be a vegetable within the year. I said Dad we are going to prove them wrong. He started walking small steps, he was talking one word sentences, he started drying dishes to use his hands. He was a stick – arms, legs, stomach. Six months later he ask to go to London England. Doctors said your crazy. How is he going to get around. He was on an appetite medicine and his system was dried out from not drinking enough. I said Dad we are going to go to London to prove them wrong and we are not handicap we are doing to do what normal people do. We are walking, taking the bus, and the train. He knew what he wanted to see and do.

We went to London and each day he started walking a little straighter and a little faster each day. He got his appetite back, we bought bottle water and he drank the whole liter. When he got home 12 days later what took him 45 to 40 minutes to walk before he left took him 12 minutes when he got home. He was taken off his appetite medicine. His medicine for his shakes was cut in half. Being so active he lost his shakes. That vacation turned him completely around. He started doing physical work when he got home. For twelve more years went to London for a summer vacation and St Maartens for a winter vacation. They were six months apart. He knew he had to stay active to go on his next vacation. Those vacations gave him his health back the doctors said he repaired his brain
The last four years he was in a nursing home. In the beginning they would not allow me to take him out and he got depress. So they allowed me to take him out one Sunday. He lost his depression In 2002,2003,and 2004 they said he would die.

All three years he bounce back. Why I gave him a reason to live. Every Sunday we went to a museum, play. opera, ballet, or something. Each time I told him we did not have time to die I told him all the tickets we had and museums to go to. They were in shock how he bounce back. The third year he had aspirating pneumonia. They said I had done all I could that this time I could not bounce him back. He was down to 4 ounces of food and 4 ounces of food per sitting. He body was breaking down lack of protein had a choice either I tube feed him or he would choke or starve to death. I bought in finer food and said Dad we don’t have time to die. We have tickets to see plays, operas, ballets. We have to go back to finish where we left off in the museums we went to. So will you eat this food. We aspirate we stop and do better next time. In 7.5 weeks he went from 4 ounces of food to eating two full meals per sitting and from 4 ounces of pudding thick liquids to 32 ounces of pudding thick liquids per sitting. He bounce back and for six more months went out and enjoyed those tickets and participated doing things in museums.

So see what buying tickets and going places and vacations can do for you. Let me help you do it for your health.

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